Commissions are currently:


icons and portraits

  • starts at $80

  • additional charges for complex background


  • $325 for initial character, lightly clothed or nude

  • $75 for each additional character

  • $25+ for clothing detail

  • $15+ for more detailed backgrounds

  • additional charges for extras such as elaborate markings, appendages, detail shots, and full-scale wings


  • these are experimental!

  • $25 for initial character

  • $15+ for additional characters such as "ych" standin

  • $5-10 extra for full bodies

  • $5-10 extra for complex features

  • $5-10 extra for backgrounds/props

please find more examples of my work in my gallery

I was always ever the average joe. I worked hard, went to school, and got a regular job. There was nothing ever really special about me....Until I found the fandom.It gave me a place to discover myself. It gave me somewhere to express myself. Best of all, it gave me a place that I could call home, and I'm here to stay.Every day I get the opportunity to create content and art and simply be myself. I do this work because I love it. I love the fandom. I love the community. I want to make this a better place.Hopefully we can cross paths and make it a better place.Together.


  • By ordering a commission from me, you are agreeing to my tos.

  • You must be 18 years or older in order to commission art from me.

  • The buyer is responsible for all payments made to me. i retain the right to reject any commission if i feel that it is out of my depth or a request that i am uncomfortable with.

  • Payment is made by paypal invoice only. i will ask for half the price of the artwork requested after initial sketch, and then i will ask for the remainder after the artwork is finished.

  • I retain the right to make use of the art i create however i see fit.

  • Private messages are always open via my preferred forms of contact.

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